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Statements of Objectives
General Objectives
To make an inventory system for Thermomax Trading.
Specific Objectives
To develop a computer-based inventory for Thermomax Trading that will generate reports regarding the status of the products, suppliers, sales and etc. of the company. To have an easy access in monitoring the stocks in the company. To be able to maintain the list of the products, suppliers, employees and customers.

Scope and Delimitation
The employees who are assigned by the owner are the only one who can use the system The owner is the one who will assign the administrator and the user of the system. The system will provide reports for customers, suppliers, products and the other transaction such as purchasing and orders.

Receipts will be printed as long as there is a printer available. Customer’s will not see any part of the system


This module will generate reports regarding the products, supplier, etc.

This modules will show the items that the company acquire.

This module is where the admin can add or remove the suppliers of the company.

This module is where the users can view the products in stock.

This module is where the admin can add, delete or edit the products of the company.


This module is where the admin/owner can add, delete or edit the users of the system.

II. Statements of Objectives
General Objectives
To make a website for Online Ordering.
Specific Objectives
To be able invent the products thru web.
To give the consumers an ease of access in ordering our products.

III. Scope and Limitation
The website is a dynamic website wherein there are different views to different people who will log in. The first view is for the admin, if the admin logs in he/she will be able to see inventory list of who ordered and the products that they order.

The second view is for the member, anyone who filled out and submit the registration form is automatically a member. If a member logs in so he/she will be able to order the products that is on the website.

The last view is for the guest, they can see the content of the website but not like the admin or the members they cannot add and remove contents or see the other features like the admin and members can. But, they can register for them to be a member.

Like the other website, there things that this site has its limitation. One of the limitations of this website is the prices may subject to changes without its further notice. Second, there are ordering limits. The website will not cater any payment, it will just get the reservations of the orders. Also, it will not show inventory of the products.

IV. Site map
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