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Chapter II
This chapter is about the related literature of Web Based Inventory in any other Department of the Divine Word College of Laoag. This chapter of this research thesis illustrates literature reviewed before the analysis of the individual research questions outlined in "Chapter One". Since each research question itself presents explanation and exploration of an individual sub area concerning "Organization Development" and its association with IT sector. The main body presents the details of the literature available in thematic form. Finally this chapter presents conclusions telling us where the discussion will proceed and what have we drawn for the literature.

Related Literature - N Tier and 3 Tier

N-tier and 3-tier are architectural deployment styles that describe the separation of functionality into segments in much the same way as the layered style, but with each segment being a tier that can be located on a physically separate computer. They evolved through the component-oriented approach, generally using platform specific methods for communication instead of a message-based approach.

N-tier application architecture is characterized by the functional decomposition of applications, service components, and their distributed deployment, providing improved scalability, availability, manageability, and resource utilization. Each tier is completely independent from all other tiers, except for those immediately above and below it. The nth tier only has to know how to handle a request from the n+1th tier, how to forward that request on to the n-1th tier (if there is one), and how to handle the results of the request. Communication between tiers is typically asynchronous in order to support better scalability. N-tier architectures usually have at least three separate logical parts, each located on a separate physical server. Each part is responsible for specific functionality. When using a layered design approach, a layer is deployed on a tier if...
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