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G C T M Industry in India has traveled are less, now India is one of the main cotton manufacturing & exporting cotten in the in india. The cotten in India is with major players and gadag co operative mill Ltd is one of largest manufacturer of cotten in India. Inventory is a central process in Manufacturing Unit. This Inventory is concerns to all departments i.e., from Planning Department to Selling Department in which it passes though Production Department, HR Department, Logistic Department, Finance Department, Costing Department, and Commercial Department etc. So managing of Inventory is having wide Scope in manufacturing Company.

Statement of the problem
“Inventory management and its effects on working capital” Management problem
Management is feeling that their huge amount of working capital is held up, so the management wants to know whether they can reduce it through inventory management.

Research problem
As above stated management problem the study was carried to know how inventory management helps in proper maintenance of working capital, so the title of this study is “ inventory management and its effect on working capital”

Objectives of the study

1. To study the inventory management based on the ratios
2. To find out the impact of inventory on working capital. 3. To study the inventory management and its effective control through various techniques. 4. To suggest the measures for improving the inventory level.

Scope of the study
Inventory management being a very important concept in all the company’s having a void coverage often calls for the managerial attention. In the modern times inventory management has become the integral part of the all companies. So all the firm gives special importance for inventory management. The major objective of the study is to examine the effectiveness of inventory management system adopted...
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