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“Adequate inventories facilitates production activities and help to customers satisfaction by providing good service.”
The basic financial aim of an enterprise is maximization of its value. At the same time, a large both theoretical and practical meaning has the research for determinants increasing the firm value. Most financial literature contains information about numerous factors influencing the value. Among those factors is the net working capital and elements creating it, such as the level of cash tied in accounts receivable, inventories and operational cash balances. A large majority of classic financial models proposals, relating to the optimum current assets management, were constructed with net profit maximization in view. In order to make these models more suitable for firms, which want to maximize their value, some of them must be reconstructed. In the sphere of inventory management, the estimation of the influence of changes in a firm’s decisions is a compromise between limiting risk by having greater inventory and limiting the costs of inventory. It is the essential problem of the corporate financial management. The basic financial inventory management aim is holding the inventory to a minimally acceptable level in relation to its costs. Holding inventory means using capital to finance inventory and links with inventory storage, insurance, transport, obsolescence, wasting and spoilage costs. However, maintaining a low inventory level can, in turn, lead to other problems with regard to meeting supply demands. The inventory management policy decisions, create the new inventory level in a firm. It has the influence on the firm value. It is the result of opportunity costs of money tied in with inventory and generally of costs of inventory managing. Both the first and the second involve modification of future free cash flows, and in consequence the firm value changes. Inventory changes (resulting from changes in inventory management policy of the firm) affect the net working capital level and the level of operating costs of inventory management in a firm as well. These operating costs are result of storage, insurance, transport, obsolescence, wasting and spoilage of inventory. Maximization of the owners’ wealth is the basic financial goal in enterprise management. Inventory management techniques must contribute to this goal. The modifications to both the value-based EOQ model and value-based POQ model may be seen in this article. Inventory management decisions are complex. Excess cash tied up in inventory burdens the enterprise with high costs of inventory service and opportunity costs. By contrast, higher inventory stock helps increase income from sales because customers have greater flexibility in making purchasing decisions and the firm decrease risk of unplanned break of production. Although problems connected with optimal economic order quantity and production order quantity remain, we conclude that value-based modifications implied by these two models will help managers make better value-creating decisions in inventory management. * INTRODUCTION OF INVENTORY

Inventories constitute the most significant part of current assets of a large majority of companies in India. On an average, inventories are approximately 60% of current assets in public limited companies in India. Because of the large size of inventories maintained by firms, a considerable amount of feuds is required to be committed to them. It is therefore, absolutely imperative to ménage inventories efficiently and efficiently in order to avoid unnecessary investment. A firm neglecting the management of inventories will be jeopardizing its long run profitability and may fail ultimately. It is possible for fore a company to reduce its levels of inventories to a considerable degree e.g. 10 to 20 percent, without any adverse...
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