Inventions Between 1900 and 1930

Topics: HVAC, Tank, Innovation Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: April 17, 2013
the time period between 1900 and 1930 saw many technological innovations, from the air conditioner to the disposable razor blade. From the tank to the cruise missile. Many of these inventions made our lives easier while others made them more deadly.

the first of these inventions is the air conditioner. While many inventers beforehand had made crude means of cooling the air, but all proved to be ineffective. the earliest method of cooling the air was putting bowls of ice in front of a fan and the resulting cool air cooled the room. On July 17th 1902 a young college graduate, Willis Havilland Carrier drew the plans for his first "Apparatus for treating air" which was granted its first patent in 1906. this great leap forward in human comfort was actually first made for a printing press where when it got humid it would cause the ink to smear. Carrier's method of cooling the air involved using coiled copper tubing filled with liquid ammonia, which when air was blown over the coils would cause the moister to condensate giving him cool dry air. Cooling for human comfort, rather than industrial use, began in 1924, displayed by the three Carrier air conditioners installed in the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Michigan. in order to escape the heat the shoppers of Detroit all went to the "air conditioned" store. The rise in human cooling spread from the department stores to the movie theaters. It was a cool oasis in an other wise hot world.

One of the more deadly inventions of the early 1900's is the tank. The tank got its name because early in WW1 while it was under development the British didn't want the Germans to find out what they were making so they shipped them as water tanks. While no one person can be credited with the invention of the tank it was the British who first used the tank in WW1. To come up with ideas for the tank, the Landship Committee was formed and their recommendations were that a vehicle firing a explosive shell should be made that could...
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