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Throughout history, there have been many technological advancements. During the late 19th century, or "The Age of the Machine," there have been many new inventions. One of these inventions include the typewriter. The typewriter was patented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868. Sholes is known as the first creator of the typewriter, while in fact, many before him have tried to accomplish that goal.

Christopher Sholes was born in Mooresburg, Pennsylvania in 1918. He grew up in and went to school in Danville, Pennsylvania. He married Mary Jane McKinney Sholes. In 1868 he worked with two partners, Carlos Glidden and Samuel Soule, to create the typewriter. Soon after the machine came out, Sholes bought both of his partner's shares in the invention. For the next five years Sholes continued to refine his machine's design. After a long five years Sholes still doubted that he would profit from the typewriter, and if it would be manufactured. E. Remington and Sons Company offered Christopher Sholes $12 thousand. Sholes accepted the offer and the company began selling typewriters after Remington engineers fixed the mechanical problems they had found within the machine. They started selling the machine in 1873. Remington's typewriter became a standard piece of office equipment in America.

The typewriter has changed the way live in America today. The typewriter led to the future creation of the computer. This invention allowed books and magazines to be printed and published faster and more efficiently. Christopher Sholes also invented the "qwerty" keyboard layout. This separated the most commonly used keys.

Many other inventors before Christopher Sholes have tried to create a device like his. In 1808, Pellegrino Turri, an Italian inventor, built a device in order for his blind friend to type him notes. In 1829 in Detroit, William Burt patented the telegrapher, which was a machine the rotated and printed letters on to paper as you pressed each button....
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