Invention of the Cathode Ray Tube

Topics: Atom, Cathode ray tube, Electron Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: October 5, 2008
Do you like watching television? I love it. I do not know what would I do if televisions did not exist. It is interesting, in several years, they have become a huge part of our lives, our indispensables. J.J. Thomson was inspired by some scientists and he provided us the opportunity of having televisions in our lives. Also other scientists improved his thoughts and experiments which leaded to the invention of the television afterwards. It is not that simple of course. Let’s look at the backstage... By the beginning of the 20th century, there were some problems that had not been solved. The main problem was; not being able to understand the structure of matter. If the structure of the matter could be solved, all the other problems could be solved too. That’s why the major part of the scientists were trying to understand the details about the matter. First atomic theory, which was based on experimental observations, was produced by John Dalton in 1808. His theory was consisted of the following:

* all matter is made up of atoms,
* atoms are indivisible and can neither be created nor destroyed,
* all the atoms of an element are identical
* compounds are formed by the chemical combination of atoms in small whole number ratios. Dalton called these groups as “compound atoms” which we call “molecules” today. Today, we know that atoms are divisible and that all atoms are not the same, there are isotopes in the nature. So, John Dalton was wrong in some ways. Although some parts of his theory were wrong, we can say that Dalton was successful since he could explain the structure of matter for the first time. By this theory, he also helped and inspired J.J. Thomson to do a brilliant experiment which in this case concerns us deeply, since it laid the groundwork for invention of television.

Keeping Dalton’s atomic theory in mind, in 1897, J.J. Thomson made an experiment which helped the scientists to learn more about atom and improve...

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