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My Invention Essay. By Abdul Shahid 806
This brand new invention is amazing! It will completely blow you away. It's like nothing ever invented before. It's all the gadgets you use in your everyday life in one gadget that you can take anywhere you want. It's a completely customizable tablet that can be changed any way that you want. “It's the most useful and easy to use device ever made”, Said one of many of our satisfied customers. The reasons that you want this tablet is that it's really convenient, it's ultra portable, and it would save you money.

This invention is really convenient for your lifestyle. First of all, it's basically every gadget with a screen in one device. Specifically, it's a phone a tablet a camera, a gaming device and even a laptop in one device. In this case, You don't have to look around to find all the different devices. Another key point is that, you can make it bigger and smaller anytime you want. To clarify, if you can't read or see anything you make bigger so you can see/read it more clearly. On the other hand, it might be too big to fit in your pocket: In this case you can easily make it smaller and make it fit in your pocket and make it bigger when you take it out. All in all, the invention is something that you can change to make the way you want it to be. Next I’ll be talking about how portable this device is.

It's an ultra portable device. For one thing, you can change the size of it. To explain, you can make it smaller so it can fit in the smallest of places. For example, if you have tight jeans on you can just make it smaller so it fits in them. Furthermore, it barely takes up any space at all. To clarify, you can make it really small to make it take up little to no space. In detail, this will help you bring it with you without having to compromise any space. Overall, this invention is one of the most portable device out right now. Next i'll tell you how you can save money by buying this device.

This invention is...
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