Inventary Management in Mother Dairy

Topics: Inventory, Milk, Ice cream Pages: 69 (15767 words) Published: February 21, 2011

• Acknowledgement
• Executive summary
• Objective of the study
• Company profile
• Inventory management
• Research methodology
• Findings
• Data analysis
• Limitations
• Conclusions
• Bibliography


Presenting a project of this type is an arduous task, demanding a lot of time. I cannot in full measure appreciate and acknowledgement the kindness shown and help extended by various persons in this endeavor. I will remember all of them with gratitude. My sincere thanks to Mrs. Rupali Gupta (Faculty, Department of Management, BIT) for their significant help extended for the successful completion of the project. I highly the help I got from them in providing me and lot of information regarding the functioning of this organization.

I am always beholden to my God, for always being with me and showing me the right ways, my family, for always doing favors to me and my friends and colleagues consistently helped with encouragement and criticism throughout the project work, for always lifting my sights to higher vision, raising my personality beyond normal limitation and for realizing me my strengths and potential, as I did not always welcome her exhortation, “try again; you can do better.” But this project owes a great deal to it – and so do I.



With the ongoing revolution in electronic and communication where Innovations are taking at the blink of eye; it is impossible to keep the pace with the emerging trends.

Excellence is an attitude that that whole of human race is born with. It is the environment that makes sure that whether the result of this attitude is visible or otherwise. A Well planned, properly executed and evaluated Industrial training helps a lot in inculcating a professional attitude. It provides a linkage between the student and industry to develop an awareness of industrial approach to problem solving, based on a broad understanding of process and mode of Inventory of organization.

During this period, the student gets the real experience for working in the actual Industry environment. Most of the theoretical knowledge that has been gained during the course of their studies is put to test here. Apart from this the student gets an opportunity to learn the latest technology , which is immensely helps in them in building their career .

I had the opportunity to have a real experience on many ventures, which increased my sphere of knowledge to great extent. I got a chance to learn many new technologies and was also interfaced to many instruments. And all this credit goes to organization.


❖ To assess the significance of the inventory management.

❖ To know the level of inventory to be kept.

❖ To know the amount of investment in inventory.



The FMCG sector is a cornerstone of the Indian economy. This sector can drive growth, enhance quality of life, create jobs, and support penetration of technology. A vibrant FMCG sector can boost agricultural product and export. It contributed to the exchequer significantly, disperse technology across the value chain and usher in the product innovation. This innovation can improve Indian Health standards.

Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) industry has a long history. However, the Indian FMCG began to take shape only during the last fifty-odd years Today, the Indian

FMCG industry continues to suffer from a definitional dilemma. In fact, the industry is yet to crystallize in terms of definition and market, size, among others.

The definitional confusion that has marked the Indian FMCG industry is getting confounded. Some others call it the CPG industry and some even call it the PMCG industry. The Indian FMCG industry has suffered because of the confusion. It...
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