Invent Your Own Religion

Topics: Coffee, Crusades, Coffee preparation Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: December 11, 2010
Invent your own religion
Skylar Mabe
Religious Experiences

Coffee Cult

The Coffee cult was created as a unifying religion. Drinkers of the bitter liquid accept all kinds of drinkers: milk and sugar, honey, no sugar, no milk, black and even decaf.
Members of the Coffee Cult, the drinkers, battled the likes of the tea, hot chocolate and soda drinkers for land and power since the beginning of time. In fact, the coffee cult was the most victorious among beverage worshipers. Because all pure beans have a bit of caffeine, the crusaders were able to stay awake longer than all the other thirsty ones. The coffee crusades took place over 100 years to conquer the holy lands of South America, where the sacred bean first flourished. Since then, the crusades continue over much land in Africa and some parts of Europe.

The cult began in the 1400s when the bean was first discovered. The wealthy first had rights to the indulgent drink until a group of around the clock laborers caught wind of the side effects of The Bean. The laborers worked from sun-up until sun-down but could never produce enough of anything to make a product. They stole The Bean and began experimenting. They cooked with it and crushed it into powder. They chewed it and put it on their skin but nothing could come close to The Bean and water. The ingredients were so simple, anyone could do it- and that’s exactly what they loved. The laborers didn’t have to be rich to experience the caffeine high, they just had to boil water and mix it with their stolen goods.

“Coffee” as it would soon be known as was brewed at 6am, before nobility woke up and after the laborers had been awake for hours. They would brew it quickly and drink it slowly. Although it helped production by 200%, there was only a small amount of people who would go the lengths to steal it from the wealthy and bring it back. They were known as the Coffee Cult. One day the cult stole enough to brew and to plant so they traveled to the...
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