Invasive Species Armadillo

Topics: Dasypus, Armadillos, Florida Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: October 10, 2010
The Nine-Banded Armadillo!
Armadillos have one of the highest rates of expansion being 10 times the active rate of a mammal. I think this is because they came from Mexico and the Southern Americas to America and since they do not have much meat on them, they are able to not be hunted. Also Armadillos had this invasion because of the large rivers and hunters in southern America. The armadillos also moved because of the humans invading them in Texas when Humans would start fires in the prairie grass. This then caused the overpopulation of armadillos in Florida due to no more predators, fires and rail road travel where the armadillo would then sneak onto the train and sneak off in Florida. These armadillo were also brought into Floridian zoos as pets and they would escape that. Also a cool interesting fact is that armadillos can live 20 years or even longer (sucks for the ones on the side of the road). So if armadillos can live up to 20 years or even longer they give birth to 4 babies at a time and they have the ability to delay implantation of fertilized eggs for 14 months or more give the nine-banded armadillo a high reproductive rate. So then they are able to control a successful population of armadillos in small amount of armadillos in a big area.

Another good question is, is how far will the armadillo go in the future? Since armadillos cannot survive the cold they cannot live up in the northern states because they have little body fat to keep themselves warm. Furthermore the armadillo is an invasive species because it also brings disease such as St. Louis encephalitis, leptospires, arboviruses, and leprosy. Armadillos are very common in Florida as I hope you notice the ones on the side of the road that are sadly hit by cars… That is just a representation of the overpopulation showing that they have to move to get there food that they are in neighborhoods that we infested and we kill them on accident by hitting them by cars. People also think they are...
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