Invasion of Privacy

Topics: Text messaging, Adolescence, Mother Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Invasion of Privacy?

While straightening your teenager's room, a book falls on the floor. You pick it up and see that it is her diary. As a parent, do you have the right to read it? Would it matter if you found the diary outside her room? Is it okay to read the diary if you suspect there is problem your teen is not telling you about? As a child, did you ever go into your parent's room (without permission) and snoop around? Was that an "invasion of their privacy"? Did you find anything you weren't supposed to? Did you learn from it? Did you tell them? You have every right to read your child's diary whether it's found in the laundry or their bedroom. There is nothing wrong with knowing what your child is thinking, the changes that they are experiencing, or perhaps any troubling matters they don't feel they can approach one of their parents with. Consider yourself lucky you found it. Invasion of privacy? I don't think so; it could save their life. As long as your child is living at home with you, yes, you should read her diary entries. You are there to protect your child not only from outside influences but also from herself. If it means going through their belongings then so be it. When they move out and establish lives of their own, this is when you give up certain rights as parents, including reading their diaries. I guess my term is not snooping; it is monitoring your children. My parents monitor me. There is nothing in my room that my mother does not have access to. It is unacceptable for anyone to hide anything in our house. And, she monitors which people I hang out with. Granted, I didn't appreciate it for a while, but as some of her "NO WAY" choices started ending up hurting me, or others, I knew she had my best interest at heart, and wasn't trying to sabotage my life.

I agree that it's okay to go through your kid’s belongings. What should be done if you are going through it and you find something inappropriate, you find some roundabout way to bring...
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