Invaluable Life Experience

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Invaluable Life Experience

At the present time, children are more knowledgeable than before because of many factors, such as higher technology, a lot of good books, and so on. In addition, students have more chances to gain life experience than people had in the past. For example, some parents nowadays like to support their children to go to study abroad, such as in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand because they have a view that their children will get knowledge more than they get from books. Therefore, learning from life experience is more valuable than learning knowledge from books because of three significant reasons, which are having more maturity, having the ability to adapt themselves with others, and being an independent person.

The first and foremost main reason why individual experience is more important than knowledge from books is that it makes people more mature. People who face many bad situations have more experience because they can learn from their mistakes. For example, some businessmen own large companies become bankrupt because their workers cheat them, so the owners already knew what they did wrong in their companies. After that, they can protect themselves from the same mistake that they made before. On the other hand, there are many people who graduated from famous schools and universities who still do not have good jobs or good positions. This is because they do not have enough experience in real life.

Secondly, people who gain a lot of life experience can adapt to every situation and every kind of person. To give an example, people who know many characteristics of individuals have more empirical experience and more vantage points because they know how to behave properly with each kind of person, and how to make others satisfy them. Moreover, some office workers have lower level of education than new graduates have, but they can do jobs more effectively than new workers do because they have done...
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