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The Business Value of Infor mation Systems. A Study of Amazon

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The Business Value of Information Systems. A Study of Amazon Feb 02, 2012






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Business information management requires the use of information systems, which make possible the conversion of data into useful information to be used by decision makers in organisations (Chaffey, 2004) T he acquisition and further deployment of such systems requires organisations to make expensive investments prior to know whether they are going to produce the desired business improvements. T herefore, delivering value for money from information systems investments has become a very serious issue for many organisations. T here are several examples in both the private and public sector of expensive failures, but there are fewer published cases of success (Ward, 2006) RELATED ARTICLES

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T herefore, the case study will illustrate how different information systems have enabled Amazon to achieve a solid competitive advantage by improving its marketing techniques and the efficiency of its distribution g anizational- ar ticles/the- business- value- of- infor mation- systems- a- study- of- amazon- 5626584.html

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The Business Value of Infor mation Systems. A Study of Amazon

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use of Internet has changed the way in which people acquire goods and services, and nowadays there is a strong shift towards online shopping that is forcing retailers to go onto the Net if they want to remain competitive. In this regards, Amazon has been a pioneer in using information systems to anticipate changes in the retail industry environment, and in addition, it provides the perfect example of how a company can obtain value for money from information system investments.


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Business information management is essential to organisations in order to support strategic decisions. Information adds value to organisations as it allows improving products and services, reducing business costs and developing new innovations. Information systems are used in order to manage business information in such a way that allows organisations to increase profitability, to improve productivity and to...
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