Introvert and extrovert

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Exploring How an Introverts Ways of Communication From an Extrovert
I chose Deana, a friend who I would not have an issue describing her as an introvert. I would describe an introverted individual as one who mainly concerned with his or her own thoughts or feelings. Therefore, when I knew we had to pick someone that was our complete opposite I could not think of anyone better to interview than Deana was because we are different. I am very extroverted which most people think I am assertive, a socializer, friendly, and. confident, but an introvert; such as Deana is considered to be humble, reserved, timid, shy, bashful, quiet, and modest. When someone compares those two examples, they are on different ends of the spectrum.

I met Deana when I first went work Food Lion for a brief time. She was the Assistant Customer Service Manager, but I had a hard time understanding why because here I was the extrovert, the talkative energetic, inquisitive, and always had an opinion. However, we were like oil and water because she was so quiet, shy, timid, but when I did something wrong she might have been quiet, but she would politely tell me.

As the weeks passed by nothing had changed, Deana was still the same girl who was always looking for a place of solitude, a space of her own to work in with hopes that no one would be watching her, or want to talk to her about anything. However, I knew that day was going to come where I was going to need her, and it finally did I needed help with a customer. I was scared to death to call her because I knew how introverted she was I did not want to upset her, but I had no choice. She politely came over and immediately connected with the customer I was in shock. She connected better with her than I did; due to the fact, that I talked excessively, but Deana said just enough to set an example for me, but also handle the customer effectively. I believe that she is an introvert she was able to handle the situation because most introverts are not interested in caring on a meaningless conversation, but they want to cover the topic to the best of their ability and take care of the issues as quick as possible. That was the day I realized how much of a difference there was in our personalities, but I had also figured out why she was Assistant Customer Service Manager. Deana and I deal with differences in personalities very well, and we have become wonderful friends despite those differences. We have learned to do things that are not typically associated with our personalities, we try different thing even though they do not come as natural as we would for them to. The main thing we have accomplished and which I think was the biggest hurdle we found some common ground. Since we are so different, we have learned to personalize our experiences. I thought when I first read the assignment it was going to be simple but in reality, it was not the simple as I originally thought. The simple part was that my best friend and I personalities were so different that there was no question as to who or what I would be writing about.

Communication Question for Deana
1. What do you consider your communication strength?
“My communication strengths are being polite, and friendly to everybody I meet: for example, what I am going through a line at the grocery store greeting the cashier and simply saying thank you.” 2. What do you consider your communication weakness?

“I would consider my biggest weakness is not being as outgoing to people I know. I am always shy and kind of closed off until I get to know them better.” 3. Who is your communication role model? (This is someone that you wish to emulate when it comes to his/her communication skills.) “My communication role model is Mario Lopez. With him being a talk show host, he makes it seem like talking to everyone and anyone so easy. He always looks comfortable having conversations with people.” 4. What is your communication pet peeve?

“My pet peeve is...
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