Introspective Analysis of Love Using the Socratic Method

Topics: Love, Emotion, Socrates Pages: 4 (785 words) Published: May 22, 2012
Introspective analysis of love using the Socratic Method.
By Edwin Rodriguez
Written March 10th 2009
Dramatis Personae
Agathon's Servant # 1 - Uninspired Servant of Agathon
Agathon's Servant # 2 - Inspired Servant of Agathon
Agathon - Host of the festivities tonight.
After overhearing the night's festivities; two inspired servants decide to take part in secret. ______________________________________________________________________________ Servant # 1
What is love?
Inspired Servant
Well, a human emotion of course.
Servant # 1
Could you go into depth on the subtle intricacies of love?
Inspired Servant
I will try my hardest; however I promise nothing but my individual perceptions. Whereas others claim to be experts in love, I project nothing on you aside from my opinion and understandings. We don’t want Socrates to stumble upon us and bother us with his incessant questioning. I’m sure he would have quite a few things to say on his favorite subject. To me love is indefinable; My sentiments do not lie with Agathon, for I strongly believe love is too uncontrollable of an emotion to be treated with reason. To define it now, or reason with it when you become wooed by its deceptive nature would mean you understood its puzzling symptoms, characteristics or origin. Servant # 1

(Taken aback)
Symptoms? Do you lay claim love is diseased?!
Inspired Servant
It appears to me you have been afflicted. Name your symptoms?

Servant # 1
Weakness in the knees; Shortness of breath; erratic heartbeats. Although it may sound cliché, I have been afflicted by all these symptoms; and I do not consider myself sick at all! Inspired Servant

I think we can both agree that love is a rarity, that only a hopeful few obtain. Servant # 1
(Nods head agreeing)
Inspired Servant
Thus, it’s safe to safe it’s also an uncommon abnormality with varying afflictions. Servant # 1
Abnormality? Hah I refuse to fall for your clever rhetoric. But I will open my...
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