Introductory Summarry to Climate Change and Water Scarcity Reasearch

Topics: Water crisis, Water, Water supply Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Introductory summarry to climate change and water scarcity reasearch According to the World Bank 2004 (cited by Anthony, 2007), twenty percent (20%) of people in developing countries have access to safe drinking water, the supply of this safe drinking water is insufficient and prices of this water is expensive. Hughes and Mallory (2009) state that there are many countries where demand for water is fast approaching the supply. However, according to Hughes and Mallory (2009) countries that are characterised by long dry seasons have their demand exceed their supply. Hughes and Mallory (2009) conclude by saying that South Africa experience extremely similar seasonal patterns. Dowd (2010) believes that there is a possibility of South Africa’s water demand outweighing the supply of water by as early as 2013. Consequently, South Africa is declared a water scarce country and all alternative water supply options need to be thoroughly assessed. The lack of preparation regarding the water crisis may produce many devastating consequences. The issues surrounding scarce water resources need urgent attention as well as future sustainable water planning. In Johannesburg due to a number of before mentioned uncontrollable and unavoidable factors pertaining to surface water and ground water, focus of resources should be emphasised on rainwater to achieve water sustainability and address the water crisis. Water Scarcity in our world today is a combination of many factors. Global Climate change, Population, Urbanisation, Surface Water Pollution and Ground Water Pollution are some of the major factors contributing to our lack of clean water. This scarcity in water has a number of various impacts such as disease, xenophobia, air pollution, forest fires and impacts on our economy. .(Rabie, 2008) Water is indispensable for survival and for economic development through productivity. The supply of water in this country is limited, unevenly distributed, and is adversely affected by...
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