Introduction to E-Crm

Topics: Customer relationship management, Data mining, Marketing Pages: 10 (3464 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Introduction to e-CRM
What is e-CRM? It’s a collection of tools that enables you to meet and exceed customer expectations. How? By identifying buying trends, simplifying online transactions, and creating better understanding of your customers. •e-CRM is based on customer information that personalizes interactions and simplifies the closing of transactions. e-CRM also helps you reach your customers at the right time and at the right place by helping you identify their needs and expectations. •Creating a company that focuses on e-commerce requires an effective e-CRM system. It’s a new way of doing business that capitalizes on the global marketplace. •One benefit is setting buy-in from your entire staff by creating a better understanding of what e-CRM can do for your business. It will also help you identify the driving forces of your competitors and create a clearer picture of the global market place. •Understanding the driving forces behind e-CRM will help you get buy-in from your entire staff, understand what sort of effort an e-CRM system requires, and identify the driving forces of your competitors. •How does e-CRM affect your business? It can help create marketing campaigns. It can increase customer retention. It can improve internal business processes. •e-CRM is an essential part of today’s business world, regardless of how you perceive it’s effect. What is fueling the interest in e-CRM? These forces are: o economic drivers

o marketing expectations
o technological advancements
One of the driving forces behind e-CRM is the pressure to remain competitive in the business world. Many companies are interested in the low costs and efficient processing of e-CRM. The first force that leads to e-CRM implementation is economic drivers. •Internally, companies want to decrease costs and streamline business processes. •Externally, those companies must maintain relationships with their business partners. E-CRM can help then meet both these goals. •Improving customer satisfaction and acquiring new customers is another key aspect of e-CRM. Marketing departments are central ingredients to accomplish these goals. The second force that leads to e-CRM implementation is marketing expectations. As the market becomes saturated with new products delivered online; it’s important to create advertising that differentiate your products from others. o New customer leads: Competition is fierce, so we need any advantage we can find to acquire new customers. Through e-CRM we can more accurately identify our target audience. Prospecting for new clients is less costly and more effective when we use e-CRM in conjunction with our website. o Improved relationship with customers: We can offer our clients more detailed product information than ever before. And e-CRM provides an outstanding marketing tool that helps identify client needs. Along with other factors, e-CRM definitely improves our relationship with our customers. o Customer loyalty: We want our customers to come to us for all of their purchasing needs. By identifying our competition and offering new needs we can maintain customer loyalty. e-CRM helps us identify these needs and plan for the future. •The third force that leads to e-CRM implementation is technological advancements. •Information can be stored and transmitted more quickly and cheaply than ever before. With advances in technology, customers have more buying options available to them. Your business must stand out from the crowd. •Some forces that lead to e-CRM implementation are marketing expectations, economic drivers, and technological advancements. •The first two business functions addressed by e-CRM go hand in hand: sales automation and marketing automation. How does e-CRM handle these functions? Sales people are given access to customer information to assist them in up-selling and cross-selling. What does the customer expect or need? e-CRM will help identify customer needs through data-mining processes. It will...
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