Introduction to Virtual Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Laptop, Smartphone Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Title: Virtual Life
Try to go outside and observe the teens, what do you see? Are the teens today the same with your generation? Do you think that they are enjoying their life as a teen? If you are given a chance to experience what they are experiencing, would you try it? Would you be willing to exchange your life right now with a teenager? Do you think their life is complicated? Do you think that the teenagers are dependent on electronic devices? Is it right for them to use such devices? In your opinion, what would happen if these devices will be gone? What is happening in the world today? People say that a lot has change for the past 20 years. The change has been sudden that a lot of people tried to keep up the trend. Some might think that the changes are helpful and some might think that the changes are nonsense. Whatever the people think, these changes are unavoidable. Some of these changes that people experienced are the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. Computers and the Internet started in the 1950s but only a few can use them. It is not until the late 1990s when Internet and personal computers were demanded in the market to make our lives easier. The use of mobile phones started in 1946 but not all people can buy them. It was also just in the late 1990s that mobile phones became popular. Smartphones started in 1997, when Ericsson called one of their phones as “Smart Phone”. The first smartphone combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone. These changes started the “Digital Age”. The Digital Age is the age where most people are using technological advancements for their personal or business use. Some of these advancements are the mobile phones and the personal computers. Most people who use these advancements are teenagers aging from 14-19 years old. Their generation has been a great influence on the development of these things. Teenagers are the huge factor as to why mobile...
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