Introduction to Town Planning

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S.Rengasamy Madurai Institute of Social Sciences

S.Rengasamy – Madurai Institute of Social Sciences – Introduction to Town Planning

Town Planning

No urban area will prosper unless it attracts those who can choose to live wherever they wish. My interest is in the future, because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.


S.Rengasamy – Madurai Institute of Social Sciences – Introduction to Town Planning

Urban India Box: How India’s Urban Settlements are administered Town Panchayats / Municipalities / Corporations Box: Basic Feature and Pattern of India's Urbanization Table: No of towns and percentage of urban population by size class Table: Million Plus Cities in India Box: Town Panchayats (Nagar Palikas) in India – The case of Tamilnadu Box: Municipal Administration in India: The case of Tamilnadu Box: Some Definitions Box: Town Planning Explanations & Definitions Box: If town planning is not there Box: Planning –Definitions Obstacles identified in the optimum development of urban centers Social and economic aims of town planning Box: Components of town planning Box: Basics of Town Planning Meaning and Components of Town Planning Box: Urban Facts Characteristics of successful Town Planning Civic Design Urban Planning Picture: Growth of a city Box: Objectives of Town Planning

Box: Background factors and problems in Town Planning
Individual control of small parcels of urban land Arbitrary political boundaries Irregularity of the environmental site Heritage of past construction Anticipation of future change Methods of Town Planning: Major aspects of the master plan

General land use pattern Table: Percentage of land use Spatial locations for various functions Pic: Contrasting Urban Scenario Industrial location Commercial location Residential location; Streets and transportation facilities Urban planning education

Legislative frame work for urban planning Challenges in urban planning for local bodies in India Box: Problems of Urban Local Bodies [ULBs] Box: The rationale to use Town Planning: Advantages Long history Democratic and participatory: Fair Respects property Non-coercive and non-authoritarian Win-win proposition Transparent Tested in law courts Making development pay for the cost of infrastructure Box: Limitations of Town Planning Lengthy time frames Inadequate attention to substantial issues No asset management framework is in place Centralized processes Disconnect with the city budgeting process Box: Potentials of Town Planning TPS as an infrastructure financing tool TPS as a tool to introduce innovative planning concepts TPS as a tool to build accurate maps and land records for the city Box: Rural Urban Relationship Box: Responsibilities assigned to Rural local government 11th schedule-243G Box: Responsibilities assigned Urban local government 12th schedule- 243w Issues in Urban Planning The Master plan Approach – Concepts, Objectives and Functions The functions of the Master Plan / Development plan Critique of the Master Plan Approach 16 Points Modifications suggested in Master Plan 17 Points


S.Rengasamy – Madurai Institute of Social Sciences – Introduction to Town Planning

Urban India
In India out of the total population of 1027 million as on 1st March, 2001, about 742 million live in rural areas and 285 million in urban areas. The net addition of population in rural areas during 1991-2001 has been to the tune of 113 million while in urban areas it is 6 million. The percentage decadal growth of population in rural and urban areas during the decade is 17.9 and 31.2 percent respectively. The percentage of urban population to the total population of the country stands at 27.8. The percentage of urban population to total population in the 1991 Census (including interpolated population of Jammu & Kashmir where Census could not be conducted in 1991) was 25.7 percent. Thus, there has been an increase on 2.1 percentage points in the proportion of urban population in...
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