Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

Pages: 4 (1354 words) Published: December 21, 2010
Introduction Paragraph
Broadly speaking the concept of education implies many things: Contol, fun, essential skills, Imagination and creativity, influence, real world skills, individual learners, sitting still vs moving around and silence. Learners (in fact all learners) need to know 'what is in it for me?' ‘We need to know the "why" before the "how" is even relevant'. Learners have proved that they learn actively before they ever set foot inside a classroom, and yet when they get there they are usually given passive roles. It is a little like setting a television on standby. Learning is not a receptive task; it is active, pro-active even. Yet, if they are able to see or feel a need for something; if they have a personal interest in something; or if they just want the challenge; they have the "why" and are ready to learn actively. Learners spend far more of their lives outside of school, out in the 'real world', and they deserve to see that what they do is realistic, relevant and necessary. The motivation is then intrinsic and the "how", the learning itself, actually means something and can be absorbing.

Education Theory
First of all from a theoretical perspective, Framingham, Massachusetts (1968) for instance referred to a learning process named Sudbury Model of democratic education schools. Sudbury model of democratic education schools assert that there are many ways to study and learn. They argue that learning is a process you do, not a process that is done to you. The experience of Sudbury model democratic school shows that there are many ways to learn without the intervention of teaching to say, without the intervention of a teacher being imperative. In the case of reading for instance in the Sudbury model democratic schools some children learn from being read to, memorizing the stories and then ultimately reading them. Others learn from cereal boxes, others from games instructions, and others from street signs. Some teach themselves letter sounds,...
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