Introduction to Social Sciences

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Introduction to Social Sciences

• An academic discipline/ field of study or
branch of knowledge that is taught at various
levels of education and researched at
university level.
• Some important branches or sub-disciplines of
Social Science are Economics, History and
Archaeology, Geography, Political Science and

• History is an account of events that have happened in
the past. It is about the real people and the real things.
• It does not deal with mere ideas and ideals or what
should have been.
• History does not deal with individuals alone. It is
concerned with nations and societies. It is not limited to
kings and queens, but all human beings. It includes all
men and women, rich and poor irrespective of their
background in terms of religion caste etc

Why Do We Study History
• Have you ever wondered how and what
happened to our ancestors in ancient times?
• The study of History helps us to know our
roots, strengths and achievements and gives
us a sense of pride as well as direction

Why Do We Study History
• What we call progress would be non-existent
if we do not have proper knowledge and
understanding of our past.

Why Do We Study History?
• There is a general belief that history deals with
the past, which we think is dead. In reality, our
past has important lessons for the future
• History relates the story of cooperative
actions of a large number of men and women
in their quest for a better life.

• When we think of how we can know about
our past, we get connected to Archaeology
• Archaeology is the study of the ancient times
with respect to society and culture.
• The traces of those events can be found in
material remains i.e. the artifacts, burials,
ruined buildings, monuments, etc. and are
studied by archaeologists

• The study of Archaeology also includes the
written records that are very ancient and
cannot be easily deciphered or understood.
These sources give more reliable and
authentic information

Archaeological excavation
• Most of the time, such traces are found buried
underground and have to be dug out. This is
called archaeological excavation. Mohenjodaro, &Harappa are some well known sites where excavations have been undertaken and
valuable material found. Such excavations are
often carried out and reported in the

Archaeological excavation
• A very interesting recent discovery is that of
the remains of a city found under the sea near
Gujarat. It is believed to be Hindu God
Krishna’s city Dwarka.
• A trip to such a site will transfer you back to
those times. You must visit such sites
whenever you get an opportunity.

Archaeological sources
• Archaeological sources include inscriptions,
pillars, metal plates, coins, seals, monuments,
tools, pottery, toys, pictures etc. Works of art
like paintings, sculptures, architecture, etc. tell
us about the culture of particular periods

Archaeological sources
• Look around your city or town for a museum
or visit somebody’s house which has a
collection of some of these items. Make a list
and then try and find out which period they
belong to. For this you can search on the
internet or visit a library to know more about
them. Today, a lot of information can be got
from books, magazines and newspaper.

• List the main subjects that build up the
knowledge area of Social Science.
• Do you think studying History is necessary and
important? Give two reasons for your stance.
• Give one difference between History and
• List five sources which can help us to study our

• Geography is the study of the earth’s
landscapes, people, places and environment.
• In simple terms, it is knowing about the world
in which we live

• Geography is unique in bridging the social
sciences (human geography) with the natural
sciences (physical geography)...
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