Introduction To Poetry

Topics: Love, Carolyn Kizer, The Conversation Pages: 2 (953 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Introduction To Poetry
October 21, 2013

A relationship between two lovers is a bond that when broken, can be hard to get over. It’s hard to undo feelings for someone whom you’ve built so much trust and compassion with. It takes a strong person to forgive someone who has stopped loving you when you still love him or her. And even then, it takes a stronger person to see that ex-lover and be able to talk to them in a civil and friendly manner. Women tend to find it harder to do this than men due to the feelings and trust that they put into men, who are already viewed as jerks that only care about them. Carolyn Kizer, author of “Bitch,” is just like those women and shows anger toward her ex-lover. She shows her maturity and strength and doesn’t allow him to spark a reaction that shows she wants him back. This is the first time that Kizer is meeting with her old lover in some time. It is clear that it has been a while because she says, ‘after all these years” (1). As the conversation continues, we see more reasons that it has been a number of years since they have seen each other. She starts off the greeting with a simple hello and then asks, “How are the children? They must be growing up” (9). This shows that they have been broken up long enough for him to have more than one child. Also, she says, “they must be growing up” (9), so they must be getting big and are more than a few years old. Another sign they haven’t seen each other in a while is when she says, “It’s nice to know you are doing so well” (28). This is something someone would only say if they haven’t seen or heard from someone in some time, but is happy to have seen them. Kizer also knows he isn’t hurting her anymore so there’s no reason to be hostile toward him, but the bitch inside her doesn’t feel the same way. The bitch inside her wants to call him out and yell at him because of the pain that he put her through, but she tries to quiet that bitch and says, “don’t start growling” (2)....
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