Introduction to Modern Management

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Module 1

Module 1: Introduction to Modern Management
Lindsay Bursaw
Aspen University

Throughout history many different theories have been developed, researched, written about and put to the test in actual work place setting to see how well they work and how effective they are. Lower-level management, comprehensive analysis of management and human relations movement in management theory are just a few of them. Each theory was and still is important in today’s modern business world. Every theory has had some kind of impact on the new theories in management that have come about since then and will still continue to have an impact in the future. It’s important that managers now and managers in the future are educated on these different management theories so that they can provide the support and education to their employees need and deserve. This will foster a positive work environment that will lead to increased productivity and success within companies. Every company must have good, competent managers in order to survive and be successful.

Module 1 Introduction to Modern Management
Assignments: Essay Questions
“Managers should be paid more than regular employees.” Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer in scholarly detail.
There are many reasons management should be paid more than a regular employee. One of the reasons being the workload managers take on and another being the necessary skills that a manager must possess to name just a few. As a current member of management at the hospice agency I work for, I agree that management should be paid more. However, I agreed with this before I became management as well. As a regular employee I saw everyday how different the workload was between a regular employee and management. According to a recent study an average manager is actually worth 1.75 employees (Edwards, 2012). After being promoted into my current management position, I agree with this statement 100%. Now instead of doing the job of one, I’m doing the job of three and still manage to get everything done and in on time or ahead of a deadline while also managing my employees. Employees in my old position who have the workload of only one sometimes struggle to meet the same deadlines. The expectation of productivity is much higher for a manager versus those of a regular employee. The importance of a good manager cannot be stressed enough. Management influences every aspect of an organization from top management to lower level management (Certo & Certo, 2012). If any organization or company intends on being successful then it is of the utmost importance that they hire good management because these people are the ones who lead the company towards their goals and towards success. Good management must have the skills to carry out the four basic management functions; planning, organizing, influencing and controlling (Certo & Certo, 2012). Without these skills any member of management would be ineffective and unsuccessful. Managers should be paid more than regular employees because not every employee in an organization possesses these skills. If every employee did, the need for management would be obsolete. “Discuss in scholarly detail why it is important for managers to be aware of cultural differences in their dealings with people.”

One of the biggest reasons it’s important for management to aware of cultural difference is because of the increase in multi-national businesses and business deals. In today’s business world an increasing number of companies have started doing business with people from different countries and cultures. Because of this trend of globalization, it is very important that managers understand and respect cultural differences. If differences in customs and culture are not known or not respected, business deals can quickly go south and be lost (Brown). Managers must know what kind of behaviors would be inappropriate in...

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