Introduction to Manage Ment

Topics: Management, Microsoft Word, Business ethics Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Introduction To Management
Professor M.
Deborah Pagel
Unit 1 Seminar Ab140-05
Prof M, I do not have any questions about the syllabus. I have learned that this is the most important tool that we need throughout our school year. It contains all the information that is needed for students to succeed. The syllabus contains a lot of information on your grades, seminars and instructors. It also has your netiquette and discussion boards. You can get course information. Managers must practice primary functions which is planning,organizing ,leading and controlling. In our unit one course, Introduction to management, we will be describing the solutions to management problems. Reconizing the four functions of management, explaining the process to manage technical decisions. We will also be summarizing the importance of social responsibility and the diversity in a business environment. Another import lesson we will be learning is the ethical issues with in a business. If at any time during our online schooling we encounter issues with our computers we are to call tech support as soon as possible so that they can help us fix our problems. If you do not get to the seminar you are to write a page or two with the alternate seminar question .When we go onto our Discussion boards we are to write a minimum of 100 words with two posts on two different days and at least three posts on three different days. The drop box is where we will be putting our assignments in Microsoft word doc. There is a lot to cover in The Introduction to Management, including the different levels of management. You have a top level manager,a mid level manager and a front line manager that we will be discussing in our management course.
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