Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Comparative Profiles3
Comparative Logistics Process4


The purpose of this report is to investigate and identify the various techniques used by a plethora of similar organizations in regards to logistics and transportation used. Business have now become aware of the importance of logistics and providing adequate supplies to satisfy the demand for their customers. Logistics is defined as ‘the process of planning, implementing, and controlling…flow and storage of goods, services and related information.’ (Coyle, Bardi, Langley, 2003).

During our expedition in searching and understanding the ways in which our chosen organizations operate, we were able to identify certain similarities within each organization in regards to logistical procedures; i.e. receiving orders, order pricing/promotion and reverse logistics.

However even though these organizations do implement these forms of logistics, there a differences in the approach and how they are used within the organization. Comparative Profiles

As a group we found four similar companies with difference techniques in their logistics system, however the same in satisfying their customers’ demands. Company A is a fast-food outlet store, services in quality foods and acknowledges the customers. As a fast-food store they guarantee fast and efficient goods without hassle. The company was established in the 1990s and has continued to grow within the western suburbs. With over 10 employees, company A has been able to continue its legacy of being a family-owned business has promised to its loyal consumers. The products sold are usually foods which are produced and sold ‘on the go.’ Therefore they need a logistics and transport system, which make the goods available at the right time, because foods do have specific requirements in terms of storage and their expiry dates. Therefore Company A must be able to understand the frequency of demand for their customers. Company B employs 6 over 400 workers across Australia and even overseas and was first established in 2003 in Sydney. It is a jewelry retailer than spans internationally as well, with 3800 outlets across 22 countries. Company B sells a range of products and accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, maintenance accessories and even gift boxes. They particularly target the younger crowd, possibly from the ages from 13 to 30. This company deals with many consumers from a range of backgrounds ages, all of which have differential needs that must be tended to. Company C must be adaptable to different cultures as the are involved in many countries and also strives to maintain an up to date product line, concurrent with society’s fashion trends. Company C employs approximately 70 people within their small business in Victoria Company C is a small family restaurant established in 1990. Company D

Receiving Order| -Face-to-Face-Placed verbally, stored in a computer-Helps dissatisfied customers| | -oversupply of foods- Orders of stock are based on how busy the restaurant is expected to be.| | Order Pricing/Promotion| -Mark Up-Considering all aspects of the business-‘freebies’| | -Depends on the availability of foods -‘Buy one get one free’ promotions to attract new and existing customers.| | Reverse Logistics| -Throw away-‘Waste Bins’-Controlling the supply-chain| | -Throw away out of date foods. - Waste is counted and placed into rubbish bins.| |

Comparative Logistics Process

Receiving Orders: Company A allows customers to either place their orders face-to-face, usually between the employee and the customer. A customer would place their order verbally while the employee would place it into a computer which is then communicated to the people in the kitchen to produce. When customers enter the...

Bibliography: Coyle, Bardi, Langely, ‘The Management of Business Logistics’, 7th Edition, 2003)
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