Introduction to Libray Information System

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A library is an institution that makes items such as books, records and available to borrowers for a limited period of time. The borrowers will return the item to the library after this limited period of time and the item may subsequently be lent to other borrowers. Sometimes the item is not locally available, but may be remotely borrowed from a collaborating library. When an item is acquired from a remote library, the home library acts as a borrower in relation to the remote library. There a lot institutions which are still using the manual system. The librarian of the staff is responsible for the monitoring of the log in/logout of the students and the borrowing and returning of the books. They are also responsible for the lost books and it is difficult for them to trace who lost the books or who did not returned it on the time. A computerized Library System is designed to help them effectively do their daily transactions and use a system that is user friendly and less human effort.

A. The purpose of the Library System is to promote and provide quality free public library services in the best interest of the students of workers. B. The Library System shall include but not be limited to the Library Board buildings and equipment, personnel, books and materials, and the policies that are used to provide free public library services for the entire community. C. We provide Library information System to fasten searching capability.

Scope and Limitation

A single library location that allows a registered library user (card holder) to browse through books, periodicals, and misc multimedia. It would be able rent out those items to the user as well as collect outstanding items from the user. 

Simple set of important features: 

1) Ability to sign up for a library card (register) 
2) Loan out a book 
3) Inventory a book 
4) Notify a user that a book is overdue. 

A more narrow...
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