Introduction to Latin American Art

Topics: Henri Matisse, Cubism, Afro-Cuban Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Joaquin- Torres Garcia became part of the avant-garde artistic milieu and adopted the art Nouveau and Symbolist styles, which he cultivated from 1896-1904. Torres-Garcia painted scenes from daily life as he sought inspiration in Antiquity and fro 1904 until 1926 cultivated classical forms. Torres-Garcia recognized cubism as it came to the forefront and was galvanized by the concept. As time passed Torres-Garcia met Barradas and they gave a show featuring geometric modernist paintings known as vibrationist, consisting of everyday life, bold colours and simultanist views. In 1920 Torres-Garcia visited New York, where he met Max Weber and Joseph Stella, enthralled with the city, Torres-Garcia produced a vast number of sketches and paintings often incorporating into his compositions the kind of simplified images that were used in American advertising. In Paris he was equally inspired by the hustle and commotion of urban life. The compositions combined dynamism with the stability of string geometric forms, a blend that was to become the essence of Torres-Garcia’s Universal Constructivist art. He met the Neo-Plasticists, who saw art as means fo expressing metaphysical order. Through the use of straight lines and primary colours Neo –Plasticists attempted to create balance between opposing forces. Torres-Garcia was immediately drawn to Neo-Plasticism and his abstract works from 1929-1930 would show this style. Other influences soon altered his vision, moving now toward African and Pre-Colombian art. In May, 1928, he became friends with Paul Rivet at a Monumental exhibition of pre-Columbian art, he spent long hours in the museum devouring what ever texts were available and studying the fascinating artifacts. Enthralled not only by the beauty but the fact America produced civilizations as magnificent as classical Antiquity. Torres-Garcia’s wok was revolutionized and he had stated to develop an interest in the forms of Medieval, European and African Art and...
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