Introduction to Language

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1. Language ( what is language )

Linguistic :
Knowledge of sound system (phonetic & pholology)
….....................word ( semantics and syntacitc) (explaination of linguistic) ( linguistic based on what? Semantic-syntactic/ phonology/ phonetics )

2. Brain and language ( Existence of a human language )
语言是非常复杂的,他受到人脑的,与思维密不可分。直到目前为止,科学技术还不能完全模拟人脑的语言功能,机器翻译更难以实现。 有人谈及动物语言,但是大多数语言学家还不能肯定动物是否具有运用语言符号的能力。更多的专家倾向于认为动物的语言只是一种信号,而不是一个信息系统。同样的,在人工语言中的数学语言或计算机语言也不属于真正的语言。 (7)

3. Human language and animal communication (pg17 txt book) Why we talk human language but not animal communication
How would you define human language in a way which distinguishes it from all other forms of animal communication? 你该如何定义人类语言,区别于所有其他动物沟通方式的形式?

That is, what defining traits separate human language from other forms of animal communication? 怎样的定义的特征,从动物沟通方式中区别了人类语言?


Language research is a very complex problem. Language can be separate in many types and have various purposes, each language has its own characteristics. Humans life is closely related to language, everyone at least know a language, when we acquire the language, we need to follow rules of grammar. The existance of human language is also closely related to the brain, part of the brain are responsible for human linguistic abilities. Besides, there are some unique properties prove that human language are difference from animal communication. Based on my research, this report will discuss the what is language, the reason of human language existence, and the defining traits separate human language from other forms of animal communication. What is language

Language is the most important communication tool of human, it is the foundation of human society and defining the characteristic of humans. Language is also the ability of human to access and using the complex communication systems, and a language is any complex communication system's examples. People use the language save and transfer the results of human civilization. Language is one of the important features of the nation. In general, each nation has its own language. For example, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic is the main language in the world, but also the working languages of the United Nations.

The linguistic is the scientific scholarly study of language and the study of nature of language. It is attempt to identify underlying principles to account for the questions like why is/are language/s the way it is/they are, and how does language work and make meaning. It is impossible to know that how many languages in the world, and the number of the differences between any languages and dialect. In an advanced society, people must learn in order to get the linguistic ability. Almost everyone knows at least one language.

There are five important aspects of language, which are children can learn their natural language quickly without formal instruction, the relationship between speech sounds and their meaning is arbitrary, writing system, sound system (phonology), a vocabulary and a system (or grammar) are part of languages, speakers of languages use a range of style such as dialects and jargons, and language encode the needs and realities constructed by the societies that use them.

The language consists of sentences as well as words because...

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