Introduction to Judaism

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Ethnic and Missionary religions

Ethnic Religion

- is one that is identified with a nation of people or with a particular ethnic group a religious identity that is passed through generations and blood ties it is usually symbolized by an external marker, act of membership in the community ethnic religions are often thought to be located in a particular region and based on that region (e.g. Hinduism, and Judaism) predominantly Judaism has been passed through blood ties, generations its perfectly possible to be Jewish even if we are not religious, theistic our affiliation with the group marks us as Jewish, even if we abandoned the larger belief structure of the tradition

Missionary Religion

is distinguished through its articles of belief examples, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism anybody from any group can become a missionary tradition you enter through profession, and embracing the belief structure

Sources of Judaism

their scripture called the Hebrew Bible (Christians refer to it as the Old Testament) the Hebrew bible is a text composed in the Hebrew language relates the history of the Jewish people provides us the mythic history, also is a primary source for any kind of historical data the Hebrew bible contains three different sections
The Torah ( means the “teaching”)
The teachings of Judaism
Contains the first five books of the Hebrew bible
They contain the mythic history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
The story of creation, Adam and Eve
Stories of Moses, exodus of Egypt
It contains the stories of the prophet
The part of the history that was dominated by the prophecies
This contains the psalms, imaginative writing
Tanakh (acronym)

The Text of the Hebrew Bible

The Torah
First book is called The Book of Genesis
Primeval creation of the universe
Gods creation of the universe
God creates the universe in 6 days, on the 6th day god creates humanity
In chapter 1, Adam and Eve; man and woman

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