Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

Pages: 6 (1233 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Topic 1: Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

1) What is the definition of marketing, and where does marketing communication fit within the operation of a marketing program?

2) Explain how marketing communications relates to the marketing concept and to the marketing mix.

3) What are customer contact points (points-of-touch)?

4) Discuss the way various aspects of product planning and strategy relate to advertising and promotion.

5) What is advertising?

6) Discuss the major roles of advertising.

7) Define publicity and public relations.

8) Discuss the role of direct marketing as an IMC tool, giving attention to the various forms of direct marketing.

9) Analyze the role of the Internet in a company’s IMC program. Discuss how can the Internet be used to execute the various elements of the promotional mix?

10) Why is it important for those who work in the field of promotion to have an appreciation for and understanding of all elements of the promotional mix and not just the one in which they specialize?

11) Discuss the reasons why a company might want to have all its integrated marketing communication activities performed by one agency versus having these activities performed by several different agencies that specialize in various areas of IMC, like public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and Internet marketing.

12) What is meant by the concept of integrated marketing communications? How might a firm that is using integrated marketing communications differ from one that looks at advertising and promotion in a more traditional way?

13) Discuss how integrated marketing communications differs from traditional advertising and promotion. What are some of the reasons more marketers are taking an IMC perspective to their advertising and promotional programs?

14) Discuss the role integrated marketing communications plays in the brand building process.

15) Consider all the marketing communication tools (i.e., advertising, sales promotions, public relations, direct marketing, Internet marketing, and personal selling) that are used to market a new car that a graduating student might be expected to buy. Explain why each tool would be effective to create brand awareness and brand image.

16) Describe the different types of agencies that exist within the advertising industry.

17) Discuss the various functions a full-service agency performs for its clients.

18) Discuss the reasons companies use outside agencies. Analyze the importance of the various services provided by a full-service agency.

19) Discuss the pros and cons of using an in-house agency. What are some of the reasons why companies might change from using an in-house agency and hire an outside agency?

20) Discuss some of the reasons why traditional advertising agencies have been developing more IMC capabilities. What changes might these agencies have to make to improve their service?

21) Why might a company choose to use a creative boutique rather than a larger, full-service agency?

22) Why are marketers likely to use a media buying service to handle their media planning and buying versus the media department of an agency?

Topic 2: How Communication Works/Communication Response Models

1) Discuss the various elements of the communications process.
2) What is meant by encoding? Discuss how the encoding process differs for radio versus television commercials.

3) Why are personal channels of communication often more effective than nonpersonal channels?

4) Discuss the various forms feedback might take in the following situations: * A consumer has just watched an infomercial for a revolutionary new exercise machine on late-night television. * An avid book reader has just logged onto the website of a company such as or Barnes & * TV viewers watching a show one evening see a commercial for Calvin...
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