Introduction to Hrm : Action Based Project

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Introduction to HRM (HRM003)
Assignment 1: Action based project

Table of Contents
Introduction of the organization3
Human Resource Activities in this organization3
* Recruitment and Selection3
* Induction and Orientation4
* Training and Development4
* Provision of Fair Treatment and Opportunities4
* Assessing Performance of Employees4
* Employee Welfare4
* Health and Safety5
Discussion on the Particular Human Resource Activity – INDUCTION5 Conclusion6

Edwin Flippo (1979) defines HRM as “planning, organizing, directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are achieved.” Quality HRM considers selection, better rewards, planning and appraisal as leading to effectiveness (Beardwell et al, 2004). The Human Resource Department’s main objective is to bring out the best in their employees and thus contribute to the success of the Company. Human Resource Management is increasingly considered a contemporary development that continues to reshape employment relationships (Beardwell, Holden, and Claydon, 2004).

The purpose of writing this report is to study the Human Resource functions and activities in an organization. Therefore, this report introduces the organization initially. Next, the Human Resource Management activities in this organization will be explained. Subsequently, this report will focus on one particular Human Resource issue i.e. Induction and discuss how this aspect could be improved.

Introduction of the Organization
The name of the organization is Sh.Atoll Education Centre. This is a school which started on 1982 with 9 staff and 236 students. Presently, this is one of the established schools in Northern atolls of Maldives and the first government school in Shaviyani Atoll. Currently, there are 68 staff and 350 students. Infrastructure has developed greatly that there are more classrooms in a four-storied building. Moreover, there is a library, a laboratory and a Teacher Resource Centre. The school consists of administrative and academic department which is controlled by the Deputy Principals of the school. Moreover, the academic section consists of leading teachers who supervise the work of teachers.

Human Resource Management Activities in this Organization
* Recruitment and Selection
Recruiting and selecting of employees are done by the Ministry of Education, according to the Civil Service Commission’s rules. So when they do this, sometimes they recruit employees who lack teaching skills. As a result the school is unable to achieve their organizational goals. * Induction and Orientation

The approaches to induction and orientation have not been developed through a systematic planning. The new teachers receive information solely from colleagues. The views of colleagues about the system vary greatly and the individual staff member with a grievance may present a picture of the system that is not in keeping with reality.

* Training and Development
For training and development of staff, this organization follows the professional development plan of the Ministry of Education. However, teachers feel that these programs are not helpful for them due to lack of qualified tutors for their training. Moreover, the school is unable to hire qualified tutors because of not having enough budgets. Also, the staff development and training programs are not evaluated accurately.

* Provision of Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunities
In providing opportunities for further development there is no discrimination among employees. Employees are given chances to participate in refreshing courses like Teaching with Multimedia and take part in distance education courses conducted by Centre for Open Learning. It serves as a motivating factor where the employee feels satisfied for being...

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