Introduction to hospitality industry

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Week 2: Introduction to Hospitality
Industry and the Origin of the Hotel

IHM 110

• Meaning and definition of Hospitality industry
• The origin of the hotel
• What service the industry provides and who it

provides for
• Characteristics of the hospitality industry

IHM 110

What is the meaning of HOSPITALITY
“The friendly reception and treatment of guest
or stranger”
“The act of kindness in welcoming and looking
after the basic needs of guests or strangers,
mainly relation to food and accommodation”

The origin of the hotel

IHM 110

The history of the hospitality industry dates back to the
Colonial Period. In the late 17th - 18th century things
have changed quite a bit since then; the hospitality
industry has experienced significant development over
years as it faced World Wars, The Depression,
technological advances and various social changes.
The industry as we known today began to form in the
early 1950s and the 60s, leading the way for growth
into the dynamic industry we know today.

IHM 110

The origin of the hotel
Early Hospitality
• An out growth of man’s urge to travel, roads used by
merchants and couriers
• 6th century traveller slept in the open
• Greek/Roman travellers (business/pleasure/religious)
• 16th century inns developed in England, Europe, USA.
Inns; a sleeping accommodations (a shelter for
travellers where food and drinks are serve)

IHM 110

The origin of the hotel
The new world (18th and 20th century)
• Introduction of railroads
- Most hotel located in train station
- Transportation and lodging could not be separated

• Motel (motor hotel)
• 20th century travel began after WWII (air travel)
- advent of cross-continental flights and Trans-Atlantic flights

Accommodation as a part of the
Hospitality Industry
• Hospitality Industry: Refers primarily to

business that provide accommodations and
foodservices for people when they are
away from their homes

IHM 110

Basic Characteristics of Hospitality

IHM 110

• Part of the travel and tourism industry
• One goal in common: to provide necessary or desired

products and services to travellers
• The hospitality industry consists of accommodation
and food and beverage services

IHM 110

Characteristics of Hospitality Industry
• Product is intangible and perishable
• Largest & fastest growing industry in the world
• Emphasis on service and guest satisfaction
• No such thing as business hours
• Operations run on a 24 hour basis all year round
• Characterized by shift work

IHM 110

Scope of the hospitality industry
• Lodging

• Hotels
• Inns
• Motels
• Resorts

• Food and beverages
• Restaurants
• Catering
• Fast-food
• Coffee shop

IHM 110

Scope of the hospitality industry
• Entertainment and recreation
• Attractions
• Gaming
• Parks and attractions
• Clubs

• Travel and tourism
• Transportations (air, cruise ship,

coach, rail)
• Travel agencies
• Tour operators
• Ecotourism

IHM 110

Scope of the hospitality industry
• Events and functions
• Meeting Incentives Conference

and Exhibitions (MICE)
• Theme Parties & Festivals

• Others
• Recreation
• Spas and health club

IHM 110

What services the industry provides and
who it provides for
• Guest

- the customers of the hospitality industry
- pay for services and facilities provided by
accommodation establishments
- each guest is different such as age, gender,
cultural background, and reasons for travelling
- local residents, domestic or international guest

IHM 110

Consider your guests.
• Different people different needs

- not everyone wants the same type of service
- needs change depending on client group
• industry needs to provide various services for

different individuals by;
- target a distinct client and service OR
- offer wider range of...
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