Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care and Childrens Young Peoples Settings

Topics: Discrimination, Equals sign, Ableism Pages: 4 (1092 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Unit 003
Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social care and children’s Young Peoples Settings.

1.1– Explain what is meant by;

A – Diversity: So not that all people are the same and that different people have different experiences, skills, knowledge, race, age, gender, sexual orientation. Working in a nursery with children from civilian parents and Army parents I am fortunate to get to witness more than one culture, race or children from different backgrounds. Seeing the children on a daily basis makes me see how diverse the community is around us.

B – Equality: Treating people in a way that is appropriate for their needs alongside equal opportunities. Not one child is the same. Whether they are from a different country, different background or different race each child is unique. Even though each child may be unique this does not mean they get unique treatment. I treat all my children as equals and offer each child the same opportunities as the last or the next.

C- Inclusion: Allowing everyone equal access to a service regardless of gender, disability, religion, age, etc. Not once would I single a child out from playtime, food time or naptime. This would be unfair and go against what I believe in equality. All children should have the opportunity to be included in any upcoming tasks. Inclusion is very closely linked to Equality.

D – Discrimination: Prejudicial treatment of an individual. This is a blatant form of bullying even if it is unintentional. Discrimination is something that should be taken seriously if it occurs but is something that should NEVER occur. If I was to single a child out for their race, religion, beliefs or anything which made that child that child, then I would be discriminating. I do not discriminate in my workplace as we are a vocal point for the wider community and I get the chance to see children from all aspects of life.

1.2- Describe ways in which discrimination may deliberately or...
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