Introduction to Engineering Design

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Bagunu, Joshua Joemer D. 09/18/12

Introduction to Engineering Design

Engineering design is the process of devising a system, component, or process to meet desired needs. It is a decision-making process (often iterative), in which the basic science and mathematics and engineering sciences are applied to convert resources optimally to meet a stated objective.

Engineering Design Process

The engineering design process is the formulation of a plan to help an engineer build a product with a specified performance goal. This process involves a number of steps, and parts of the process may need to be repeated many times before production of a final product can begin. Among the fundamental elements of the design process are the establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing and evaluation. The engineering design process is a multi-step process including the research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning and tool design, and finally production. Most engineering designs can be classified as inventions-devices or systems that are created by human effort and did not exist before or are improvements over existing devices or systems. Inventions, or designs, do not suddenly appear from nowhere. They are the result of bringing together technologies to meet human needs or to solve problems. Sometimes a design is the result of someone trying to do a task more quickly or efficiently. Design activity occurs over a period of time and requires a step-by-step Methodology.

The basic five-step process usually used in a problem-solving works for design problems as well. The process may require backtracking and iteration. Solving a design problem is a contingent process and the solution is subject to unforeseen...
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