Introduction to Business Skills

Topics: Management, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 9 (3353 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Introduction to Skills
A successful manager possesses a lot of skills. The skills have opened a pathway for him to the way of success. Is it important for a manager to possess a certain skills? Is it important for a manager to learn those skills? The answer is yes. A manager needs those skills to ensure they can work with more effectively and efficiently.

There are four main general skills that a manager needs to equip with. An effective manager must be proficient in these four main general skills. These four skills are conceptual skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills and political skills. Each different types of manager require different types of skills. And different types of skills represent different ability. Conceptual Skills

First skills I want to introduce is conceptual skills. It refers to the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situation. It helps manager see how things fit together and facilitate making good decision. Every decision made by the manager will have a huge effect to the company, especially the decisions made by the top-level managers. The person who needs this skills the most is usually those who have a higher position in a company. For example like CEO, Managing Director and General Manager. These people have to make big and important decision every day. Thus, they need these skills to make more accurate and wiser decision. Interpersonal Skills

The second skills are interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills encompass the ability to work with, understand, mentor and motivate other people, both individually and in groups. Since manager gets things done through other people, they must have good interpersonal skills to communicate, motivate and delegate. Without the staffs, there is nothing a manager can do. So, managers need good interpersonal skills to have good relationship with the staffs. If the relationship among the managers and the staffs are good, they can understand each other and work more efficiently. Managers also need these skills to guide and mentor their staffs. Staffs receive their order of what to do and how to do from the managers. So, a manager should know what kind of works should distribute to each staffs and who is suitable for what job. And since, a manager with good interpersonal skills will have a group of staffs that can do work well. Technical Skills

Third skills are technical skills. Technical skills are the abilities to apply specialized knowledge of expertise. For top-level manager, these abilities tend to be related to knowledge of the industry and a general understanding of the organization’s process and product. For middle and low-level manager, they are related to the specialized knowledge required in the areas with which they work. Examples like finance, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, computer system, law and marketing. For an example, a marketing department needs a manager who is specialized in marketing. A manager who is specialized in marketing will know what to do when their department encounters some problems. We need somebody who is specialized and trained to do the job. Political Skills

The fourth skills are political skills. A political skill is related to the ability to enhance one’s position, build a power base, and establish the right connection. Organizations are political arenas in which people compete for resources. Managers with good political skills tend to be better at getting resources for their groups. A manager with good political skills always appears to get higher evaluations and get more promotion. Middle and low-level manager need these skills more than first-level manager. They need to find the right connection to build their power base and strengthen their positions. Manager with good political skills is always having the good relationship with most of the other employees. They do their jobs well and always praise by their employer.

There are still other types of skills. All of this...
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