Introduction to business information systems review

Topics: Information technology, The World Is Flat, Information system Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: May 4, 2015
Introduction to business information systems review.
Week 2
Q: Does IT matter? What is the argument in favor of IT being just another utility? A: IT has gone from something for few companies to something that every business can easily get like electricity and water, resulting in high competition.

Q: What is the term “information Technology (IT)” generally used to refer to in the media and public discussion? A: Is an “umbrella” term which refers to anything to do with information, computers, networking, computing or anything from software and hardware to computer games and jobs in related industries.

Q: Which two of the following best describe the Graduate Attributes (Skills that employees say they desire in graduates) that we will be focusing on in information systems 1000? A: Use technologies appropriately and Access, evaluate and synthesize information.

Q: What did Thomas Friedman believe happened to the world because of the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts? A: The world became flat.

Q: Which of the following is not one of Thomas Friedman’s 10 forces that flattened the world? A: Microsoft IPO

Q: Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s assessment that the world is flat? Be sure to justify your answer. A: Yes. But in some countries not allow to use internet then people can not find anything the want.

Q: What are the potential impacts of flat world for a student performing a job search? A: Advantage: Students can now perform a global job search right from their apartment. Disadvantage: Competition is high in a flat world.

Q: What can students do to perform themselves for competing in a flat world? A: Learning about IT and its use to gain a competitive advantage in their industry will be key. Understanding how business and technology relate will help in achieving success.

Q: Identify a current flattener not mentioned on Friedman’s list. A: May include: Cheaper technology, video phones and collaboration tools...
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