Introduction to Badminton

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Badminton in the Philippines
* 1920 – The British and American expatriates introduced badminton in the country. * 1950's – the International Badminton Federation (IBF) recognized the Philippines as its 21st member country. Since then, Filipino's have been playing badminton in international tournaments. * 1949 – National rankings produced Adriano Torres, first national Men's single champion. * 1952 – The Philippine Badminton Association (PBA) was created and became the first national badminton group, organized by 28 badminton clubs. * 1962 – Johnny Yan and Stephen Cheng were the countries first doubles champions at the Hong Kong Open. * 1966 – In the Triangular Meet in Vietnam, the Philippine team achieved its first team championship in the Men's division namely Amando Yanga, Conrado Co, Jaime Gapas, Renato Navarro, and Danny So. * 1981 – The Philippine badminton team participated in the Southeast Asian (SEA) games. The country hosted the event. * 1984 – The Philippines made its first appearance in the Thomas Cup tournament. The eighties to the mid-nineties saw a new crop of luminaries in the game - Renato Reyes, Jessie Alonzo, Salvador "Badong" Banquiles, Antonio "Jojo" Mance, Jr. and Naresh Ramnani. * 1992 – Melvin Llanes became the first Philippine champion at the Prince Asian Juniors Championship for the 16-under age group. It was in 1992 when the Philippines first played in the Uber Cup games, resulting in a victory over Tanzania. It was duplicated in 1998 when the Philippine ladies’ team defeated Mauritius at the Uber Cup Asian Zonal Championship. * 1995 – Australian International Championships (IBF-sanctioned international tournament), Weena Lim and Kennie Asuncion were the first Philippine entry (ladies double) to win a gold medal, and in 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Weena became the first Philippine badminton player to qualify and participate in the prestigious game. * 1997 – SEA games in Jakarta, Weena Lim and Kennie Asuncion were the first bronze medalist in the women's doubles event.

Badminton Skills and Techniques


Correct griping is the most vital factor in badminton and in winning matches. The grip is made near the end of the handle, the side panel of which should bisect the angle of the thumb and forefinger. The grip is neither tight or loose, but firm and pliant, strengthening as the swinging progresses. It is also the basis of free effective wrist action.

You will need to learn how to change grip quickly during games. Two kinds of grip may be used in playing badminton as shown below:

1. Forehand Grip – this universal grip is similar to the eastern forehand grip in tennis with the “V” formed by the thumb or index finger on the top level of the racket grip. * This grip is used to hit shots that are on the forehand side of your body and around the head shots. Hold the racket head with your non-playing hand so that the handle points towards you. Your racket face shall be perpendicular to the floor. Place your playing hand on the handle as if you are shaking hands with it. There shall be a V shape in between your thumb and your index finger.

2. Backhand Grip – this shows the basic position of the hand in the racket except the thumb has been raised along the top of the handle. This allows the thumb to push the racket through the air and provides greater force and speed. * This grip is used to hit shots that are on the backhand side of your body. Hold the racket as you would on a forehand grip. Turn the racket anti-clockwise so that the V shape moves leftwards. Place your thumb against the back level of the handle for greater leverage and power.

a. Wrist Work – this is a swing within a swing, or the wrist flip accentuating the arm stoke. The wrist remains cocked on the forward swing until just before the bird is hit. At the time of contact between the racket and the bird, there should be a straight line from the...
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