Introduction to American Sign Language

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American Sign Language 1

26 September 2011

Introduction to ASL

Writing Assignment

American Sign Language
|Noun: A form of sign language developed in the US for the use of people who are deaf, consisting of over 4,000 signs. | |American Sign Language is a very useful way of communicating amongst people who are deaf. A common misconception among people is that they | |think that sign language is universal and that people in every country sign the same way. Sign Language is not universally the same. Most | |countries have their own Sign Language or share a given Sign Language with a different dialect. Sign Language is not just an alphabet where | |you have to sign each letter of the word you are trying to communicate. To communicate effectively one uses: facial expression, body | |movement, hand shape, hand position, hand movement, and gestures. Sign Language is a complete language with a sign representing the majority | |of words found in written English. It's rarely required to spell a word because no sign exist. For example names and surnames are often | |spelled. The alphabet can serve as a great starting point to learn Sign Language. The grammar differs from the written English. When | |questions are formed, the arrangement of the words is different, that it would be as if you were speaking the language. For example, in | |English, you as someone, how are you? When signing this, you have to ask, you how? With sign language, people are still able to express | |thoughts and feelings on philosophy, literature, or politics as football, cars or income taxes. Using sign language, people are also able to | |express poetry as well as someone who uses English verbally. As well as in other languages, new vocabulary and words are being thought of by | |people as a reaction to the way society around us changes. |...
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