Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation

Topics: Security, Terrorism, Police Pages: 6 (1758 words) Published: March 28, 2007

This term paper is about Al Udeid Air Installation and Security Program. The information that will be covered in the document consists of; Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation, Force Protection Conditions and Determining Assets Protection Levels, Al Udeid Installation Security Concept and Regional Threats, Installation Security Forces and the Conclusion. After reading this term paper the reader will have a better understanding about military operating procedures and protecting military assets form terrorist incidents.

Introduction to Al Udeid Military Instillation

Al Udeid Air Base is a Military Installation located in the country of Qatar, and is considered geographically the heart of the Middle East. Al Udeid's mission is to provide Air and ground support for the War on Terrorism, as well as insuring global reach for US and Coalition Forces. Al Udeid is a diverse installation consisting of all branches of the US Military, British, Australian, Korean Forces, and Civilian Elements. Even with vast military diversity this installation is first and foremost an airport and is one of the largest in the region. The runway and surrounding tarmacs are adequate enough to support the largest aircraft both military and civilian. Although, the assortment and numbers are classified this installation has an adage "if it burns jet fuel, kicks ass, or moves troops. It's here!" It is estimated that either a military or commercial aircraft takes off or lands ever three minutes and operations are conducted twenty four hours a day and 365 days a year. Al Udeid's passenger terminal is like any other airport and routinely conducts search and screaming procedures of aircraft, passenger, and cargo.

Force Protection Conditions and Determining Asset Protection Levels

In addition to a normal operating military installation, this installation adheres to all Force Conditions Levels (FPCON'S) as well as integrates the Asset Protection Concept. These installation security programs must be executed with precision and all assets must be protected at all coasts. However, given that statement one must realize that not all assets are held with the same prestige. At deployed locations the Force Protection program is used in conjunction with Asset Protection Level procedures to provide the best protection possible for valued resources. Protection levels can change during periods of increased tension. For Example, FPCON Normal is the lowest protection level but, as unforeseen event increases security forces will amplify the FPCON LEVEL, FPCON DELTA being the highest. Virtually all contingencies cause security forces to increase readiness by implementing on of the four following FPCONS Levels; •FPCON NORMAL describes a situation of no current terrorist activity. The only security forces needed are enough to stop the everyday criminal, most likely civilian police forces. •FPCON ALPHA describes a situation where there is a small and general terrorist activity that is not predictable. However, agencies will inform personnel that there is a possible threat and standard security procedure review is conducted. •FPCON BRAVO describes a situation with somewhat predictable terrorist threat. Security measures taken by agency personnel may affect the activities of local law enforcement and the general public. •FPCON CHARLIE describes a situation when an instance occurs or when intelligence reports that there is terrorist activity imminent. Increased security by agencies are likely to cause problems for civilian law enforcement and the public, as people looking for access to agency facilities may be denied. •FPCON DELTA describes a situation when a terrorist attack is taking place or has just occurred. When applied for long periods of time, FPCON DELTA can cause hardships for civilian police and the public, as heightened agency security can impede their everyday duties. FPCON DELTA usually occurs only in the areas that are most...
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