Introduction Speech Outline

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Kenneth Boozer
Introduction Speech OutlineIntroduction Speech Outline
Katelyn Broekema
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A.Attention Getter: Salutations class, my name is Kenneth Boozer and I am very happy to be participating in COM 101 with you all! Let me get to know all of you by first introducing myself!

B.Reason to Listen: We all have things that mean a lot to us, things that we hold dear to us, and I would like to show you things that mean a lot to me.

C.Thesis Statement: Today I plan to describe how even the most simplest things, like these dog tags, mean so much.

D.Preview of Main Points:

1.First, I will tell you why and where I earned these 2 dog tags.

2.Second, I will discuss where I got this third dog and fourth dog tag

3.Finally, I will talk about why these are so important to me.


A.These two dog tags I received while attending two summers of JCLC or JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge.

1.These two dog tags without the dog tag cover are dog tags that I received while I was at a summer camp. It pretty much was like boot camp just for cadets. We spent a week up in Alpena, MI on an air base where we are put to our physical and mental capacities to the test as we engage in several events. Some of these include bivouac, a.k.a. camping, water safety, and several other things.

2.After the week of the stuff that we go through, we receive these dog tags at the graduation after our company walks across the stage. It has my name, the company I was in, and other things. The person who makes the dog tags always switch what they put on them. But the upperclassmen that come back to the battalion usually wear them so they can show-off that they went through it.

Transition:Now that I have described these first two dog tags I will describe the next two dog tags.

B.This next two dog tag is a “Class of 2012” dog tag and a dog tag that I bought when my...
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