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Introduction Speech

By badbradsgirl Feb 27, 2013 373 Words
Fall seven times get up eight is an old proverb my grandma and mom use to tell me. Hello, my name is Nicole and I would like to tell you some details about myself. First of all I would like to start with my family. I have a brother (age 9) and a sister (age 12). My parents were in the middle of getting a divorce right around the time when my dad passed away. I consider my mom one of my best friends and she is one of the few people I can go to whenever I need advice. I have not lived with them since my senior year in high school because of some family issues. I moved around a lot my senior year and the dorm is the most stable place I have at the moment. My mom, my sister and I have a lot in common especially when it comes to hobbies. We all three enjoy to read outdoors and helping others whenever we have the chance. I love anything that deals with music. I sometimes feel like I wouldn’t be able to live without it. I like singing, dancing, and playing the piano and saxophone. I have played each of those since around the age of eleven. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and friends any chance I get. At times they are all I have to make me feel wanted. After my dad passed I have depended a lot on them. My friends and boyfriend will always be important to me because I believe that my dad should have known who I will marry, who I hang out with, and what I want to do. I told him before he passed that I wanted to be a nurse, and because of that, I am determined to succeed and be a nurse so I will not let him down. To be honest I am really scared I will fail, But then I remember the old Japanese proverb my grandma and my mom would always tell me, and I have enough courage to keep going no matter how many times I make a mistake. In conclusion, if one falls seven times he should get up eight.

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