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Topics: Marriage, Love, Wedding Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: June 2, 2007
This circle, my wedding band, has no beginning or end. It symbolises never ending love. It represents my life and my commitment of love to my husband. The wedding band reveals many things about a person. There commitment, their priorities and the maturity that a person posesses to be in a monogamous loving relationship for the rest of there lives.One year ago on March 19th, I put an end to my single life. I say that in a postive way. I have stopped partying, and experimenting with what I wanted in life. I found the man that means the most to me and has changed my life in ways I would never imagine. I. Past

A. Work
Before I had this wedding ring, I was a single mother raising my daughter Tarah. I was working full time as well as going to school part time. I had a full schedule and like many, a lot of things to juggle on a day to day basis.

B. Single Life
I enjoyed being single. I liked going out with friends. I liked spending money. I liked who I was and what I thought I was going to be. In December of 2005, I stopped by my closest friends house. I had known that my friend had a brother, but I had never met him. I was on my way out for an exciting night, so I was dressed in my best clothes and was ready to have fun. When I walked in I saw him. I thought to myself, I am going to marry that man. After spending the next two weeks together we knew that we never wanted to be away from each other. II. Present

A. Transformation
Once we were married my wedding ring came into play.I had to start planning the biggest transformation in my life. I was now a wife and a mother. I never understood the true meaning of love and faithfulness until I met my husband. I abandoned my old ways. I realized things that were important to me in the past, meant nothing to me now.

B. New Doors Opened
I quit my career in the investment business and moved to Alaska for my husband. I had never thought I would even visit Alaska, I hate the cold and the snow. In May of...
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