Introduction of Wahaha

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Introduction of Wahaha21907525800050032397704572000The Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co, Ltd is a private group of companies, and the largest beverage producer in China. The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Wahaha is represent laughing child in Chinese. Wahaha has roughly 150 subsidiary companies and 60 manufacturing bases scattered throughout China. Wahaha employed about 60,000 staffs in china. Wahaha 's current products including beverages , beer , drinking water , dairy products, convenient snack food , health care products, nutri-express seven major categories 33756602349500During the period from 1992 to 1994, Wahaha shifted the company away from health drinks to other products. In this period Wahaha launched a sour plum drink, alcoholic beverages and , but these would successively fail. In 1994, the company acquired three insolvent companies in Sichuan, and established its first factory in Chongqing. A local manufacturing base enabled the company to reduce distribution costs to western China. Once talks had started with Danone, capital became available once again for the company. Wahaha launched Wahaha Pure Water and struck gold with it. Over the next three years, Wahaha would acquire 40 more companies in 22 different provincial cities, transforming it into one of the largest beverage companies in China. In 2002, Wahaha believe that beverage market generally forming dominance by several companies, decided to set up children's clothing company. The intention is to make business diversified, but the Chinese children's wear market is not mature , children’s clothing is in a high demand, but children grow too fast , people do not buy a multi- brand children's clothing , in 2004 the group give up county-level market , turn sales in the prefecture-level city . 349059517526000Introduction of DANONE

-38100163893500The Group DANONE is a French food-products multinational corporation. It produces fresh dairy products, bottled water, baby foods,...
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