Introduction of Ningbo

Topics: Ningbo, Zhejiang, Shaoxing Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Good afternoon, everyone, my name is Chen Hui and my topic is introduction of Ningbo City which is belong Zhejiang province in China. It has a history of seven thousand years. So its slogan is: rich in culture and an important trading port.

Most can manifest the rich culture is the place called Tianyige and the important trading port is Beilun Pot that also very famous all over the world.

Next, I will show some pictures to you. Firstly, it is a small part of Tianyige, and it is also has a museum that take the book collection culture as a characteristic, melts the social history, art in a body’s comprehensive museum, occupies a land area of twenty six thousand square meters. After that, its environment is quiet and tasteful, the botanical garden is fine, the building is plain, rich local characteristics. The entire distribution by the book collection culture area, the botanical garden leisure area, the exhibition display area three great merit energy region is composed. the Tianyige library is our country extant history most long private library, is also in the world one of extant earliest three private libraries, constructs from the bright Jiajing 40 years to 45 years (A.D. 1561-1566), originally for bright Ministry of War right vice minister Fan Qin's book collection place. Is announced in 1982 by the State Council for the nation key Cultural relic preservation organ. Presently hides each kind of ancient book nearly 300,000 volumes, the treasure wooden tablet used in ancient times for record keeping rare book 80,000 volumes.

And the second picture is show the famous part of Tianyige Museum, its called: Baoshulou, you can see there are many books in it.

The final picture is show the Chinese ancient books.

That is a short introduce of Tianyige, next I will introduce Beilun Port. As early as one thousand and two hundred yeas ago, Ningbo Port has opening history. However, Beilun Port coastline has 173 kilometers, more than 120 kilometers is the...
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