Introduction of Moral Eduction in Schools

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What is needed in schools is not moral education but religious education June 24, 2008 · By Staff Writer · 0 Comments    Next Article » Print
Dear Editor,
I refer to the letter by J Kadaru (SN 22.6.08) captioned ‘There should be a moral education programme in schools.’ It is significant that the contributor’s letter begins with the statement “The education we are acquiring in schools today is basically academic,” and thereafter uses this as a launching pad for his arguments. Significantly, he/she ignores that fact that Moral Education (ME) is already taught in Guyana’s schools. I lament the fact that much of the analysis on the issue has hitherto taken place at an anecdotal level, and not enough effort has been made to document and assess the benefits/problems with current initiatives aimed at correcting a serious problem in Guyana. Such an initial assessment exists in the report An Initial Assessment of the Stamp It Out Consultation, found online at Another such assessment of the benefit and need for corporal punishment in a range of disciplinary measures exists at the online report “The Case For Corporal Punishment In Guyana, found at What should be clear, anecdotally, is that a so-called Education in Human Values (EHV) programme will not work outside of an equally strong programme in Religious Education (RE). It fact, it could easily be inferred from the available evidence that ME has failed the Guyana educational system, and that RE should be reinstated. One excerpt of The Initial Assessment of the Stamp It Out Consultation makes the following point to the church and Minister Priya Manickchand, and illustrates the puzzling refusal of Minister Manickchand to address certain core...
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