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General Motors Co is an American multinational automotive corporation and among the world’s big automakers by vehicle sales (GALLIGIAN, 2012), in dong business more than 150 countries. General Motors is like divided into five businesses in segments: GM Europe, GM International Operations, GM North America, GM South America and GM Financial (GM Report, 2012). In (2009), General Motors had several brands and merged from government backed in Chapter 11 reorganization (General Motors Chapter 11 reorganization). As the automotive industry crisis explains in (2008-2009), financial terms, GM was vulnerable. Then in (2005) company posted a loss of U.S. $ 10.6 billion (GM Co. 2005). Company Expanding Usage of Renewable Energy Sources of an operational, Zaragoza, in the solar installation will generate 12 megawatts of power at its high output. Installation will like generate $15.1 million kWh in the annually, equivalent to a demand in 4,575 as households in an average annual consumption of 3,300 kWh also country of Spain. GM has two solar power installations in U.S. on the roofs of Ranch Cucamonga, and Fontana. Project in Rancho Cucamonga is the public solar in the U.S. and mega watt and operating in the fall of (2006) and solar panels in 50 percent of electricity to the facility. In (2006), attempts to obtain new commercial alliances with Nissan and Renault had failed and sales had drop by 45% (Usborne 2008). General Motors Co is carmaker Dan Ackerson Chairman and Chief Executive officer (2010).

But it like emerged from bankruptcy and reorganization in 2010, GM reorganized the content and structure of its brand architecture structure (GM History, 2011). According to this reorganization, GM operations risk management has place focusing on managing a process to produce and distribute their products and services, including measurement and analysis of each corporate structure and internal process. Where we chose a subject company from CNN/Money Fortune 500 list and covered some history and 3 possible secondary data sources for the company to consider. Carmaker predicts the modest growth in U.S. and China in an auto sale in making money. General Motors is one of the 50 most profitable companies in Fortune 500, a despite a 32% decrease in earnings in year of (2012), and down from $9.1 billion and $6.2 billion (, 2013). A car market on today is so huge and high competitive. The counter this situation, as with General Motors has kept this in mind in automobile production, with an estimated cost of manufacturing, and delivering high quality of products, and delivery of the goods on schedule, and available resources optimization (GM Annual Report, 2012). General Motors Co. Is the biggest company on selling cars abroad makes share in a country of China 15% now and 17 refreshed models in (2013).

Basel, (2006) with (Kenett and Raanan, 2009), risk of a loss resulting from inadequate or you could fail internal processes, people and their systems or external events is an operational risk. You see with management of operational risks of large enterprises impacting in a positively on the related part in communities in the terms of service levels plus costs. In being successful in the managing risk part, Kenett (2009) had made some suggest in using operational risk management techniques due to manage and control risk effectively. First risk identification in order to have clear scenario of the risk and controlling environment where the company operates. Then second a control assurance appropriate to control the process and implementations are being controlled. Third risk in an event data which in helps to collect and analyze, risk event data. For example, actual financial loss of the company, issues and action management will provide a mechanism for identifying, classifying and reporting issues throughout the company. The survey...

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