Introduction of Lenovo and Its Strategy

Topics: Personal computer, Value chain, Entrepreneurship Pages: 3 (614 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Lenovo is one of the world"s largest manufacturers formed as a result of the acquisition by the Lenovo Group of the IBM Personal Computing Division.

Lenovo’s business level strategies is that to differentiate their product from competitor’s products. Lenovo ues the new technology, unceasingly develops the new product, causesown commodity throughout to be at colleague's industry leadingposition .

The value Chain Model

Each activity On value chain

Primary activities: Inbound Logistics; Operation; Outbound Logistics; Marketing and Sales; Service.

On this hand,lenovo company does very good. From the cargo to the assembly production,from the product-sells to the post-sale service, the company diligently saves the product consumption and enhances the production efficiency. Thus realized the cost large scale reduced. In sales aspect, The company provides many kinds of purchases and the marketing channels. The customer can directly get the product through the on-linepurchase and the store purchase way.

Support activities: Procurement; Technology Development; Human Resource Management; Firm Infrastructure.

On this hand,lenovo campany has very big superiority. The company has the formidable technical strength, especially in product research and development, and technical personnels. This superiority has guaranteed the company’s leading status in the market.

Customers of the new Lenovo will benefit from the union of PCD's and Lenovo's extraordinary R&D capabilities. Lenovo's global research and development centers in China, Japan and the US have produced some of the world's most important advances in PC technology. The company is rich in talent, with teams who have won hundreds of technology and design awards – including more than 2,000 patents – and introduced many industry firsts. And many more are on the way.

The goal of Lenovo's R&D team is ultimately to improve the overall experience of PC ownership while driving down total cost of...
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