Introduction of Festival Walk

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1.0 A convenient site:
Festival Walk is located at 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, directly connected to the MTR interchange in Hong Kong (take Exit “C” at Kowloon Tong MTR station). In additional, the bus station provide terminal service from different district achieve to Festival Walk. Moreover drivers can direct parking at festival walk which provides over 800 spaces, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The car park offer 3 levels and set up the complete security facility for 24-hours monitoring. Located in the centre of Kowloon, Festival Walk offers direct entrance to public and private transport. Located near by the traditional upper class residential area, Festival walk offers an extraordinary upper class level of accessibility. Opposite Festival Walk is the City university and Industrial Technology Centre are next door. Took a walk few minutes, the Baptist University can be achieved.

1.1 A breathtaking design:
As a Hong Kong’s largest ice rink, over 220,000 square feet of office space, Festival Walk introduce the realization of a unique concept and provide an energized environment of innovation, originality and pleasure. Festival Walk brings together some of the world’s most sought-after brand and services.

Another great point is that a lot of these brands and services are completely new to Hong Kong, and many others have opened flagship stores here. Dining is also a big draw, with big names in both Oriental and Western fusion. 1.2 A great food:

To seek for quality, recreation, best-value, impulsive, social stage, or it’s a sandwich on the run, an important business lunch, dinner with friends or a romantic meal for two, Festival Walk has just the place for you. Over 27 restaurants actually offer international fusion ensure that every taste and budget catered to – from the old-fashioned and authentic Italian-American cuisine at Amaroni’s Little Italy, to a cappuccino at Starbucks or dim sum at Jasmine. Whatever your mood, Festival Walk is a variety and fashionable venue with a world of exciting culinary affective.

Target customers of Simplylife Bakery Café

2.1 Segmentation
Refer to the location of Simplylife Bakery Café – Festival Walk, where is a big shopping mall provided eating, shopping and playing places. Nearby, there are many offices, the City University, Secondary schools. Moreover, it provided a rage of exciting offers exclusively for the students and staff in university with due date of 31 August 2008, which stated that once the students and staff wearing union or presented the ID card, or the International students, teachers professors presented ID card or U card at the period of time may enjoy a great offering of purchase within some of the stores in Festival Walk. Its convenient transportation which has the MTR station, bus stations and provided parking area can attracted many different kinds of potential customers, like, staff work at Festival Walk, office people, students and teachers from University and secondary schools, people who love shopping and branding supporters. As the Festival Walk has many International brands, it promoted some exclusive offers from over 100 international brands to the foreign visitors simply required them to present their passport at the Customer Service Desk on LG2 or UG to redeem a Festival Walk Tourist Passport. This policy may helpful in attracting more foreigner and Individual visitors to come and shopping. Also, these groups of people are willing to pay more money onto the branding products and they are mostly having enough financial abilities.

2.2 Targeting
Within the segmented customers of Festival Walk, there are some of them may suit with the style of Simplylife Bakery Café. The potential target segment would be the office people, especially for women and the foreign tourists. It is because Simplylife Bakery Café’s main theme is healthy food, especially low level of oil, fat, sweet and calories breads, even the breads are turned cold and it...
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