Introduction of Computers

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Introduction of Computers
What is Computer. Computer is an electronic machine, which accepts instructions, commands and information, based on the information process the given information at Ultra High Speed and produce the result on the screen and printer. Qualities of Computer. Possess the following:-

a.Ultra High Speed
c.Huge Capacity for Storage
d.Decision Making Ability
Main Parts of Computers. Following are the main parts of Computers:-
a.CPU (Central Processing Unit).
b.Monitor / Screen.
c.Key Board.
d.Printer.(1)CPU. It is the brain of Computer. It is the main part of the Computer, which consists of following parts:-



(a)ALU (Arithmetic Logical Unit). This section of CPU process arithmetic and Logical operations. All calculations are performed and decisions are made in ALU. ALU does Arithmetic, i.e Division, Multiplication subtraction and addition . (b)Control Unit. It control all the flows of directions / commands / orders of the CPU. Also control the traffic of different Data flow, process them through appropriate location within the computing process. It also check the presence of IN PUT / OUT PUT units. (c)Memory. It is like brain which can store different information’s/instructions/programmes and execute them as directed. There are two kinds of memory:- i.RAM (Random Access Memory).

(Temporary Memory).
ii.ROM (Read Only Memory)
(Permanent Memory).

Kinds of Computers. There are three kinds of computers being used friendly:- a.Digital. A computer which performs arithmetic, logical function i,e Division, Multiplication, Subtraction and Addition are called digital computer. b.Analog. A computer which can measures physical quantity i,e rotation and voltage etc. c.Hybrid. Combination of Digital and Analog Computers. (1)Type of Digital Computers

(a)Super Computer.
(b)Main Frame Computer.
(c)Mini Computer.
(d)Micro Computer (Personal Computer).

Understanding your PC (Personal Computer)
What are peripherals ?
Anything attached to the main system is known as peripheral. Technically the term "PC" refers to any type of personal computer, regardless of brand or type "An Apple Macintosh", e.g. is a personal computer. Over the years, however the term PC has come to more generically refer to the most popular type of personal computer: the IBM PC and compatibles, such as Compaq, Dell or Hewlett-Packard. And because IBM- compatible machines are by far the industry leaders, following notes are focuses only on the computers of this type.

The function of PC.PCs can be used to write letters, balance cheque books, play games, keep track of business records and much more. No matter what task you use it for, it all boils down to six basic functions: a. Storing. Whatever you enter can be saved and stored for later use. b. Retrieving. Anything stored can be retrieved and used again. c. Displaying. The information you are working within the PC appears on the screen or monitor so you can see what you are doing as a front end task. d. Editing. After you retrieve the information, you can change it, add to it or erase it. e. Printing. One of the greatest capabilities of a computer is that after you finalize your work, it can be transferred to paper as a hardcopy. f. Sending and receiving. With the development of modems and networks, you can communicate with other computer users by sending them documents or messages, regardless of where in the world those users are. To learn more about using...
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